No more painful sex: Increase your lubrication naturally

Taking in a huge tool and gaining enjoyment from is not easy. Without natural lubrication, sex can become painful for women rather than fun. But there are many ladies out there who face a problem of dry vagina because all of a sudden their hormones have started to play with the bodies in the worst ways possible.

So why do women face this problem? A lady is made of iron because bringing a child into this world and going through a flood of emotions, to bear with all these you definitely need to be a super woman or rather an iron woman. The sudden drop and incline in the balance of hormones is what causes women to lose their sex drive and natural lubrication, making sex painful.

Sometimes it is the natural process of becoming a mother while at other times it is the choices that one makes effects the functioning of the body. Whatever the reasons be, if a lady does not take her issue seriously, she might end up running her sex life. Here are some tips that can help these unfortunate ladies to get back their game and once again gain pleasure from mating with their partner.

  • No chemicals down there

Vagina is a sensitive thing and has a pH value that should not be altered. When this pH balance is disturbed, women end up with no lubrication no matter how much foreplay do you do before the real act. Taking good care of your hygiene is a good idea but washing your private area with harmful chemicals is a big “no”. Soaps, body washes and even scrubbing with water more than once a day down there should be avoided. These chemicals cause the vagina to lose it natural chemical balance and so end up dry.

  • Avoid acidic foods

As much as you love eating sour foods and fruits, the acids in most of these items can disturb the vaginal pH balance. Women should look out for what they eat in order to maintain their sexual health in the best way possible. Consuming spicy foods everyday can real hurt your health and so it is better to replace such items with fruits and veggies which actually help in maintain the chemical balance of your vagina so that it does not try out. Having healthier foods will keep your mind fresh and body active which will result in improved sex drive and so sex will become much more fun. ProSolution Gel

  • Gels and creams

If a lady fails to produce lubrication naturally then there is no harm in using gels for this purpose but just make sure they are safe to use. HerSolution Gel is one such product made for ladies that is formulated from natural ingredients and so contains no side effects.  Take out a little gel on your finger, apply it inside the vagina and let it work its magic. The ingredients in the gel increase the levels of estrogen in the female body so that more blood reaches her genitals. With the increased flow of blood, the nerve ending surrounding the vagina are stimulated and so the woman is able to experience intense orgasms and feel all wet.

  • Kegel exercises

Working out your pubic region is a great way to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises are best for women who are looking out for strengthen the muscles down there and improve their sexual performance. When the vaginal muscles will be strong enough to work properly, the woman will be able to produce lubrication too and enjoy sex even more than before.

  • Water: The best drink

Staying hydrated is the key to producing natural lubrication. Because 70% of the human body consists of water hence it needs the same drink to continue with the bodily functions. Drinking lots of water will not only give you a glowing skin but safe your vagina from drying up. Have juices or plain water, the idea is so stay hydrated so that the body gets all the energy to function as it should.

  • The final verdict

Because women have now adopted a life style which includes poor eating habits and no physical activity, this is why most of them have lost their sex drive. Junk food, stress and chemical products contribute a lot to the increasing problem of vaginal dryness in women.

HerSolution Gel is the only product that has been made from natural ingredients so not only is it gentle on the skin but has no side effects as well. Many ladies have been leading a successful sex life after using this gel as it restores the lubrication naturally. The best part is that HerSolutions gel is non-sticky and odorless so if you use it before having sex, your partner won’t have the slightest idea that you used something for lubrication.

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