Ways to get beautiful and younger-looking skin

Collagen (protein) is secreted by cells, which assists in holding your skin together and also to keep it firm, elastic and younger. During young age, our skin is much smooth and plump as it continuously regenerates itself. The production of collagen slows down with the passage of time and already existing collagen could be damaged by bad skin condition and sun exposure.

All of us want to have younger-looking, beautiful and healthy skin and that can only be possible if we have a healthy body and healthy mind. Different products are also sold in market which claims to make your skin younger by producing collagen. Majority of the dermatologists and beauty professionals recommend Skinade as it can boost the secretion of collagen in skin. You can adopt the following ways for getting a healthy and younger skin.

  1. Wash your skin at night

The best time for washing your face is before sleeping. Dirt, makeup and bacteria usually stick on your skin and it is essential to remove them at night. If you fail to wash your skin at night, then clog pores and breakouts may arise on your skin. A good quality face wash should be used for washing your skin at night.

  1. Stay away from stress

Emotional disturbance often makes your skin look older. It is due to the release of cortisol (stress hormones) which breaks down collagen by causing inflammation. Cortisol is also responsible for acne flare-ups and facial redness. Try to consume antioxidant-rich foods like oranges, asparagus and berries for getting rid of inflammation. Deep breathing is also found to be helpful to overcome stress.

  1. Consume omega-3s

Omega-3s are regarded as good fats and these are found in many foods like salmon, almonds and flaxseeds. These foods increase hydration that keeps your skin firm and supple. You should avoid eating meats and dairy products that are enriched with saturated fat and can increase free radical damage which makes your skin more vulnerable to aging. Your daily saturated fat consumption should not exceed 17 grams.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Water plays a vital role in keeping your skin younger, healthy and beautiful. Body is made up of nearly 65% water and dehydration can result in bad skin condition. Consume 8-9 glasses of water for keeping skin hydrated. Water is also necessary for the proper functioning of body organs. Zeta White

  1. Take collagen-drink

Individuals can easily find collagen-drinks both online and on local stores. Skinade is one of the best drinks for producing collagen and making your skin younger. It contains mixture of hydrolyzed marine collagen, vitamin B complex, l-lysine, organic flaxseed, MSM, and calcium ascorbate. All these ingredients are vital for skin hydration, elasticity, radiance and collagen’s production. Skinade also prevents aging and its regular consumption will make your skin beautiful and younger.

  1. Consume foods containing phytoestrogen

Wrinkles arise on skin as you get older. This is due to the decrease in oestrogen levels. This hormone is required for producing collagen. Try to consume all those foods which are enriched with phytoestrogen so that they can overcome the deficiency of oestrogen. Some of these foods include pinto beans, soy, nuts and hummus.

  1. Keep your skin away from sun

Use sunscreen for avoiding sun exposure. Exposure to ultra violet rays for only 10 minutes can cause sunspots and wrinkles. Sunscreen having high SPF is best to you. You can also utilize cosmetics which keep your skin safe from sun.

  1. Do exercise on daily basis

Different studies have proved that those individuals who do exercises or workouts daily have firmer and healthy skin as compared to those who have no interest in these activities. Exercise pervades skin with nutrients as well as oxygen that are necessary for the collagen secretion. Those individuals, who want to keep their skin toned, must do at least 30 minutes of workouts or exercise on regular basis.

  1. Avoid smoking

Those individuals who do too much smoking have to face different issues like wrinkles, acnes and ageing as compared to non-smokers. Smoking also averts the absorption of vitamin C, which is a pivotal ingredient for growing new collagen in your body. Smoking is not good for overall health of human beings. It can lead towards bad skin, pigmentation and wrinkles. So if anyone wants to make his/her skin glowing and beautiful, then they have to give up smoking.

  1. Citrus fruits

All of us know very well that citrus fruits are very best for skin and face. Citrus fruits include limes, oranges and lemons that are the best source of vitamin-C. This vitamin acts as an antioxidant and assists in protecting your skin from different issues like ageing, wrinkles etc. Vitamin A and C are also found in these citrus fruits. All of them are crucial for secretion of collagen.

  1. Tomatoes and carrots

Both tomatoes and carrots are loaded with betacarotene, which is a predecessor of vitamin A. The chemical found in these foods helps in building collagen and also encourages growth of skin cells. The betacarotene has best anti-ageing properties and can block antioxidants. Antioxidants within our body defend against the free radicals which appear in human body and further lead towards skin problems like wrinkles or aging.

  1. Clean your make-up brushes regularly

Those females, who do makeup on regular basis, must clean their makeup brushes daily. They should also destroy old sponges after every 3 months. Brushes or sponges are filled along with makeup that comprises of bacteria and thus becomes the reasons of breakouts. Use any good conditioner or baby shampoo to clean your makeup things like brushes, sponges, etc. Also add 2 drops of antiseptic in water for washing makeup things.

Final wording

Now you do not need to worry about your skin condition as you can easily make your skin look younger and beautiful by adopting these 12 ways. These ways are also found to be helpful in making your skin glowing as well as healthy.

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